Impact of Beads and Drops on a Repellent Solid Surface: A Unified Description.

  title={Impact of Beads and Drops on a Repellent Solid Surface: A Unified Description.},
  author={Srishti Arora and Jean-Marc Fromental and Serge Mora and Ty Phou and Laurence Ramos and Christian Ligoure},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={120 14},
We investigate freely expanding sheets formed by ultrasoft gel beads, and liquid and viscoelastic drops, produced by the impact of the bead or drop on a silicon wafer covered with a thin layer of liquid nitrogen that suppresses viscous dissipation thanks to an inverse Leidenfrost effect. Our experiments show a unified behavior for the impact dynamics that holds for solids, liquids, and viscoelastic fluids and that we rationalize by properly taking into account elastocapillary effects. In this… 

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