Impact of Bathroom Discrimination on Mental Health Among Transgender and Nonbinary Youth.

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Transgender Adults' Public Bathroom-Related Stressors and Their Association with Depressive Symptoms: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Study in South Korea.
Findings showing that public bathroom-related stressors may negatively influence transgender adults' depressive symptoms are necessary to ensure their safe access to public bathrooms in South Korea and policy-level interventions are needed to eliminate stigma against transgender individuals.
A Mixed Methods Study Examining Citizenship Among Youth With Mental Health Challenges
This study will examine how youth experience citizenship; predictors of citizenship; how citizenship shapes recovery; and the degree to which youth are receiving citizenship-oriented care among youth with mental health challenges.
Approach to the Patient: Pharmacological Management of Trans and Gender-Diverse Adolescents
Current treatment options, reported outcomes, and clinical challenges in the pharmacological management of trans and gender-diverse adolescents are reviewed.
Pediatric Provider Perspectives on Laws and Policies Impacting Sports Participation for Transgender Youth.
Providers of gender-affirming care in this study overwhelmingly opposed legislation that bans trans youth from sports participation citing the severe consequences to the well-being of trans youth.
Youth-specific sexual and gender minority state-level policies: Implications for pronoun, name, and bathroom/locker room use among gender minority youth.
While research that investigates the importance of school-level promotive factors (e.g., teacher support) for sexual and gender minority youth (SGMY) well-being has proliferated, less research has


Understanding the Mental Health of Transgender and Nonbinary Youth.
Transgender Adults’ Access to College Bathrooms and Housing and the Relationship to Suicidality
Findings from sequential logistic regression indicate that denial of access to either bathrooms or gender-appropriate campus housing had a significant relationship to suicidality, even after controlling for interpersonal victimization.
Mental Health Disparities Among Canadian Transgender Youth.
Mental health and suicidality among racially/ethnically diverse sexual minority youths.
More research is needed to better understand the manner in which sex and race/ethnicity intersect among sexual minorities to influence risk and protective factors, and ultimately, mental health outcomes.
Experiences of transgender-related discrimination and implications for health: results from the Virginia Transgender Health Initiative Study.
Findings suggest that transgender Virginians experience widespread discrimination in health care, employment, and housing, and multilevel interventions are needed for transgender populations.
Suicidality Disparities Between Transgender and Cisgender Adolescents
This study used comprehensive measures of gender assigned at birth and current gender identity within a large nationwide survey of adolescents in the United States to examine suicidality among TGAs and CGAs and found TGAs had higher odds of all outcomes as compared with CGAs.
Sexual Assault Risk and School Facility Restrictions in Gender Minority Youth
The findings of this study make a compelling case for what gender specialist providers witness every day in their work: failure to support transgender and gender-expansive youth in being able to fully live in their affirmed gender puts them at physical as well as psychological risk.
Mental Health of Transgender Children Who Are Supported in Their Identities
Socially transitioned transgender children who are supported in their gender identity have developmentally normative levels of depression and only minimal elevations in anxiety, suggesting that psychopathology is not inevitable within this group.
The Mental Health of Transgender Youth: Advances in Understanding.