Impact of African herbal medicines on antiretroviral metabolism.

  title={Impact of African herbal medicines on antiretroviral metabolism.},
  author={Edward Mills and Brian C. Foster and Rolf van Heeswijk and Elizabeth Phillips and Kumanan Wilson and Blair Leonard and Kazuhiro Kosuge and Isadore Kanfer},
  volume={19 1},
We examined the effects of two African herbal medicines recommended for HIV/AIDS patients on antiretroviral metabolism. Extracts from Hypoxis and Sutherlandia showed significant effects on cytochrome P450 3A4 metabolism and activated the pregnane X receptor approximately twofold. P-glycoprotein expression was inhibited, with Hypoxis showing 42-51% and Sutherlandia showing 19-31% of activity compared with verapamil. Initiating policies to provide herbal medicines with antiretroviral agents may… CONTINUE READING