Impact of Advanced Age on the Outcome of Liver Resection

  title={Impact of Advanced Age on the Outcome of Liver Resection},
  author={Ph.D. Luca Aldrighetti and Marcella Arru and Ph.D. Roberto Caterini and Renato Finazzi and Laura Comotti and Giorgio Torri and Gianfranco Ferla},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the influence of age on the outcome of liver resection. A total of 129 consecutive liver resections were divided into two groups: ≥ 70 years old [old group (O-group)] and < 70 years old [young group (Y-group)]. The two groups were first compared for the variables potentially affecting the postoperative course, including diagnosis, concomitant diseases, previous abdominal surgery, type of operation (major or minor resection), associated… CONTINUE READING