Impact-generated Hydrothermal Alteration on Early Mars in Presence of Co

  title={Impact-generated Hydrothermal Alteration on Early Mars in Presence of Co},
  author={Susanne P Schwenzer and David Kring},
Introduction: Impact-generated hydrothermal systems may have caused widespread alteration of the crust on early Mars. We previously explored the range of alteration products using several Martian meteorites as crustal proxies: LEW88516 [1-3], Dhofar 378, Chassigny [4], and Nakhla [5]. Overall, the dominating alteration phases are oxides, hydroxides, clay minerals, and other hydrous silicates. Our results match well with the hydrous silicates (nontronite, chlorite) observed by OMEGA and CRISM [e… CONTINUE READING

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