Impact d’une organisation régionale coordonnée pour sécuriser la prise en charge des patients sous anticancéreux oraux : CHIMORAL, une étude comparative

  title={Impact d’une organisation r{\'e}gionale coordonn{\'e}e pour s{\'e}curiser la prise en charge des patients sous anticanc{\'e}reux oraux : CHIMORAL, une {\'e}tude comparative},
  author={Christophe Maritaz and Nathalie Gault and Carine Roy and Florence Tubach and Sylvie Burnel and Jean Pierre Lotz},
  journal={Bulletin du Cancer},
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Prospective evaluation of an anti-cancer drugs management programme in a dedicated oral therapy center (DICTO programme)
The interest and real-life work in a specific oral therapy centre within oncology department with the role of co-ordination nurses to facilitate the global health care of the patients is shown.


Consultations pharmaceutiques chez des patients traités par chimiothérapie orale
La mise en place of ces journees pluridisciplinaires a permis d’optimiser the prise en charge des patients, yn âtre l’experience de consultations pharmaceutiques effectuees aupres de patients sous chimiotherapie orale.
Patient preferences for oral versus intravenous palliative chemotherapy.
Patients with incurable cancer have a clear preference for oral CT, but are generally not willing to sacrifice efficacy for their preference.
Evaluating Medication Adherence: Which Measure Is Right for Your Program?
Medication-adherence measurement is becoming an increasingly important factor in debates about the appropriateness of various cost-containment strategies and educational and behavioral strategies to enhance medication adherence.
Safe handling of oral chemotherapeutic agents in clinical practice: recommendations from an international pharmacy panel.
A team of international pharmacists from North America and Europe reviewed existing guidelines and identified gaps in recommendations that they believe are important for safe handling of oral chemotherapeutic agents, and a compilation of these gaps is presented.
Adherence and Patients' Attitudes to Oral Anticancer Drugs: A Prospective Series of 201 Patients Focusing on Targeted Therapies
Despite advances in providing information to patients leading to better adherence among TT patients, efforts towards better patient education are warranted including dedicated staff for monitoring outpatient anticancer oral therapy.
Patient-reported outcomes in the evaluation of toxicity of anticancer treatments
The barriers and challenges that should be addressed when considering broad integration of PRO toxicity monitoring in oncology clinical trials are discussed, including challenges related to data collection logistics, analytical approaches, and resource utilization.