Immunotoxicological risk of mycotoxins for domestic animals.

  title={Immunotoxicological risk of mycotoxins for domestic animals.},
  author={Isabelle P Oswald and D E Marin and Sandrine Bouhet and Philippe Pinton and Ionelia Taranu and Francesc Accensi},
  journal={Food additives and contaminants},
  volume={22 4},
Mycotoxins are a group of structurally diverse fungal secondary metabolites that elicit a wide spectrum of toxicological effects. Of particular interest is the capacity of some mycotoxins to alter normal immune function when present in food at levels below observable overt toxicity. The sensitivity of the immune system to mycotoxin-induced immunosuppression arises from the vulnerability of the continually proliferating and differentiating cells that participate in immune-mediated activities and… CONTINUE READING
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