Immunotherapy of chronic active viral hepatitis B with propionibacterium granulosum.

  title={Immunotherapy of chronic active viral hepatitis B with propionibacterium granulosum.},
  author={J. Gil and J Ziemka and Witold J. Brzosko and Marek P Dabrowski and B Dabrowska-Bernstein and Stanisław Szmigielski and Hong Lioe Ko and Janusz Jeljaszewicz and Gerhard Pulverer},
  volume={31 3},
12 HBsAg-positive patients with chronic active hepatitis B were treated monthly with cell walls (5 or 10 mg) of Propionibacterium granulosum KP-45 (PG) intravenously administered for a period of 6-10 months. The clinical state was evaluated according to an arbitrary 6-grade scale based on serum biochemical tests, HBV markers and the morphology of liver biopsy samples. Intravenous administration of PG was well tolerated, and no serious side effects were observed. All patients exhibited complete… CONTINUE READING

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