Immunotherapy of Trypanosoma cruzi infection with DNA vaccines in mice.

  title={Immunotherapy of Trypanosoma cruzi infection with DNA vaccines in mice.},
  author={Eric Dumonteil and Javier Escobedo-Orteg{\'o}n and Norma Reyes-Rodriguez and Arletty Arjona-Torres and Mar{\'i}a Jes{\'u}s Ram{\'i}rez-Sierra},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={72 1},
The mechanisms involved in the pathology of chronic chagasic cardiomyopathy are still debated, and the controversy has interfered with the development of new treatments and vaccines. Because of the potential of DNA vaccines for immunotherapy of chronic and infectious diseases, we tested if DNA vaccines could control an ongoing Trypanosoma cruzi infection. BALB/c mice were infected with a lethal dose (5 x 10(4) parasites) as a model of acute infection, and then they were treated with two… CONTINUE READING