Immunotherapy in selected patients with Down syndrome disintegrative disorder.

  title={Immunotherapy in selected patients with Down syndrome disintegrative disorder.},
  author={Kathleen M Cardinale and Alexandra Bocharnikov and Sarah J. Hart and Jane Ann Baker and Christopher Eckstein and Joan M Jasien and William Brian Gallentine and Gordon Worley and Priya Kishnani and Heather A van Mater},
  journal={Developmental medicine and child neurology},
Down syndrome disintegrative disorder (DSDD) is an increasingly identified condition characterized by cognitive decline, autistic characteristics, insomnia, catatonia, and psychosis in adolescents and young adults with Down syndrome. Previously we reported a higher rate of autoimmune thyroid disease in these patients compared with unaffected individuals with Down syndrome. We therefore hypothesized DSDD may in some cases be immune-mediated. Here we report four cases of DSDD treated with… CONTINUE READING