Immunotherapy in bee-sting anaphylaxis. Use of honeybee venom.

  title={Immunotherapy in bee-sting anaphylaxis. Use of honeybee venom.},
  author={William W. Busse and Charles E. Reed and Lawrence M. Lichtenstein and Robert E. Reisman},
  volume={231 11},
After nine months of immunotherapy with commercially prepared wholebody bee extract, a beekeeper's wife experienced anaphylaxis after a controlled bee-sting challenge. High risk of future bee stings prompted a decision to attempt desensitization with honeybee venom. This was extracted from the bee into Coca solution and administered parenterally in increasing daily doses until an equivalent of one venom sac was given per day. This maintenance dosage was continued for a month. Anaphylaxis did… CONTINUE READING

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