Immunosuppressive therapy for paediatric transplant patients: pharmacokinetic considerations.

  title={Immunosuppressive therapy for paediatric transplant patients: pharmacokinetic considerations.},
  author={Mar{\'i}a del Mar Fern{\'a}ndez De Gatta and Dolores Santos-Buelga and Alfonso Dom{\'i}nguez-Gil and Mar{\'i}a Jos{\'e} Garc{\'i}a},
  journal={Clinical pharmacokinetics},
  volume={41 2},
Immunosuppressive therapy in paediatric transplant recipients is changing as a consequence of the increasing number of available immunosuppressive agents. Generic and other new formulations are now emerging onto the market, clinical experience is growing, and it is expected that clinicians should tailor immunosuppressive protocols to individual patients by optimising dosages and drugs according to the maturation and clinical status of the child. Most information about the clinical… CONTINUE READING
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