Immunosuppression-induced leukoencephalopathy from tacrolimus (FK506)

  title={Immunosuppression-induced leukoencephalopathy from tacrolimus (FK506)},
  author={Steven L. Small and Melanie B Fukui and G T Bramblett and Benjamin H. Eidelman},
  journal={Annals of neurology},
  volume={40 4},
Tacrolimus (FK506) has recently been approved for immunosuppression in organ transplantation, although its use is accompanied by a wide spectrum of neurotoxic side effects. We describe the clinical, radiological, and pathological features of 3 cases of tacrolimus-related leukoencephalopathy. The syndrome of immunosuppression-related leukoencephalopathy is proposed as an uncommon neurological syndrome occurring in patients with organ transplants involving demyelination, in particular in the… CONTINUE READING
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