Immunosuppression in melanoma immunotherapy: potential opportunities for intervention.

  title={Immunosuppression in melanoma immunotherapy: potential opportunities for intervention.},
  author={Gregory A. Lizee and Laszlo G. Radvanyi and Willem W. Overwijk and Patrick Hwu},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={12 7 Pt 2},
Although melanomas are substantially more immunogenic than other tumors, current immunotherapeutic approaches for melanoma patients have met with only limited success. Although melanoma-specific CD8+ T-cell responses can often be generated in patients naturally or through vaccination regimens, tumors frequently continue to grow unabated, suggesting that tumor-specific immune responses may be actively dampened in vivo. Research over the past decade has brought to light several mechanisms used by… CONTINUE READING

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