Immunoregulation by aqueous humor.

  title={Immunoregulation by aqueous humor.},
  author={Manabu Mochizuki and Sunao Sugita and Nobutsune Ishikawa and Takahiro Watanabe},
  volume={19 3 Suppl},
PURPOSE The eye is a classic example of an immune-privileged site. To investigate the local defense system of the eye, the immunosuppressive effects of the aqueous humor on cytokine production was examined. METHODS Using T cell clones (TCCs) established from infiltrating cells in the aqueous humor of patients with human T lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) uveitis as target cells and the aqueous humor of patients with senile cataract obtained during cataract surgery, we examined the effects… CONTINUE READING


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