Immunoradiometric assay of pS2 protein in breast cancer cytosols.

  title={Immunoradiometric assay of pS2 protein in breast cancer cytosols.},
  author={Jacques Goussard and C Lechevrel and Guy Roussel and H Cren and Odile B{\'e}ra and Margarita Sala},
  journal={Clinical chemistry},
  volume={37 10 Pt 1},
We studied the ELSA-pS2 immunoradiometric kit (CIS Bio International) for pS2 protein assay in breast cancer cytosols according to classic validation methods. In addition, we studied correlations between pS2, steroid receptors, and cathepsin-D assays. Repeatability (CV = 1.5% to 4.8%) and reproducibility (CV = 1.6% to 4.9%) were good. The results were… CONTINUE READING