Immunoproteasome expression in a nonimmune tissue, the ocular lens.

  title={Immunoproteasome expression in a nonimmune tissue, the ocular lens.},
  author={Shaneen Singh and Niranjan Awasthi and Charles E Egwuagu and B. J. Wagner},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={405 2},
Interferon gamma (IFN gamma) induces the expression of three catalytic subunits of the 20S proteasome that can replace their constitutive homologues to form the "immunoproteasome," named to reflect its antigen presentation function. However, immunoproteasome levels and their modulation in nonimmune tissues remain unknown. A disrupted lens differentiation program observed in transgenic mice that constitutively express IFN gamma in the immune-privileged lens tissue suggests a role for this… CONTINUE READING

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