Immunopharmacology of ulipristal as an emergency contraceptive

  title={Immunopharmacology of ulipristal as an emergency contraceptive},
  author={Ralph P. Miech},
  journal={International Journal of Women's Health},
  pages={391 - 397}
  • R. Miech
  • Published 22 November 2011
  • Medicine
  • International Journal of Women's Health
A new progesterone antagonist, ulipristal has been made available as an emergency contraceptive. Ulipristal’s major mechanism of action as an emergency contraceptive has been ascribed to its ability to delay ovulation beyond the life span of the sperm. This paper analyzes the potential action of ulipristal (1) when unprotected intercourse and administration of ulipristal occur outside the fertility window and (2) when unprotected intercourse and administration of ulipristal occur at or within… 

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Evidence is provided that UPA, a new type of second-generation progesterone receptor modulator, represents a new evolutionary step in EC treatment and is in line with results from a series of clinical trials conducted recently which demonstrate that U PA seems to have higher EC efficacy compared to LNG.
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  • J. Keenan
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  • 2011
Ulipristal acetate administration is contraindicated in a known or suspected pregnancy; however, it could quite possibly be used as an effective abortifacient and patients should inform patients of the possibility of both mechanisms of action with use of this drug.
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