Immunopathology of flavivirus infections.

  title={Immunopathology of flavivirus infections.},
  author={Nicholas J. C. King and Daniel R. Getts and Meghann Teague Getts and Sabita Rana and Bimmi Shrestha and Alison M. Kesson},
  journal={Immunology and cell biology},
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With the recent emergence of the flavivirus, West Nile virus (WNV), in particular, the New York strain of Lineage I WNV in North America in 1999, there has been a significant increase in activity in neurotropic flavivirus research. These viruses cause encephalitis that can result in permanent neurological sequelae or death. Attempts to develop vaccines have made progress, but have been variably successful, despite considerable commercial underwriting. Thus, the discovery of ways and means to… CONTINUE READING