Immunomodulating effects of black seed and oxytetracycline in pigeons.

  title={Immunomodulating effects of black seed and oxytetracycline in pigeons.},
  author={Abdul-Rahman S. Al-Ankari},
  journal={Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology},
  volume={27 3},
Chronic administration of oxytetracycline (OXT) (incorporated at a level of 0.05 g per kg of feed for 50 days) to pigeons, significantly decreased total leukocyte and lymphocyte counts, increased heterophil:lymphocyte ratio and lysosomal enzyme activity, and decreased reticuloendothelial system function compared with controls. Coadministration of black seed (BS) at a level of 2.5% with OXT completely blocked the effects elicited by OXT and produced immunostimulant effects in pigeons. The… CONTINUE READING