Immunological evidence of cholecystokinin-39 in porcine brain.

  title={Immunological evidence of cholecystokinin-39 in porcine brain.},
  author={Jan B.M.J. Jansen and Cornelis B.H.W. Lamers},
  journal={Life sciences},
  volume={32 8},
Using a sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay for cholecystokinin-39 (CCK-39), CCK-39 was demonstrated in aqueous-acid extracts of procine brain. The highest concentration of CCK-39 was found in the cortex (6.1 +/- 1.5 pmol/g). In the cortex CCK-39 comprised 21% of total CCK-immunoreactivity and 51% of large CCK-immunoreactivity. 

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