Immunological differences among the cholera/coli family of enterotoxins.

  title={Immunological differences among the cholera/coli family of enterotoxins.},
  author={B A Marchlewicz and Richard A. Finkelstein},
  journal={Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease},
  volume={1 2},
Pure enterotoxins from two strains of Vibrio cholerae and choleragen-related heat-labile enterotoxins (LTs) from strains of Escherichia coli of human and porcine origin were examined by Ouchterlony-type immunodiffusion assays and by neutralization tests in Y-1 adrenal cells using specific and immunopurified antisera. In accordance with previous findings, the results indicated that each of the toxins shared antigens with each of the others and that each, in addition, possessed unique antigenic… CONTINUE READING

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