Immunological aspects of Botox, Dysport and Myobloc/NeuroBloc.

  title={Immunological aspects of Botox, Dysport and Myobloc/NeuroBloc.},
  author={Dirk W. Dressler and Mark Hallett},
  journal={European journal of neurology},
  volume={13 Suppl 1},
In some patients treated with botulinum toxin (BT), antibodies are produced in association with certain treatment parameters, patient characteristics and immunological properties of the BT preparation used. Therapeutic BT preparations are comprised of botulinum neurotoxin, non-toxic proteins and excipients. Antibodies formed against botulinum neurotoxin can block BT's biological activity. The antigenicity of a BT preparation depends on the amount of botulinum neurotoxin presented to the immune… CONTINUE READING

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