Immunological Outcomes of New Tuberculosis Vaccine Trials: WHO Panel Recommendations

  title={Immunological Outcomes of New Tuberculosis Vaccine Trials: WHO Panel Recommendations},
  author={Willem Albert Hanekom and Hazel M. Dockrell and Tom H. M. Ottenhoff and T Mark Doherty and Helen Fletcher and Helen McShane and Frank F. Weichold and Dan F Hoft and Shreemanta K Parida and Uli J Fruth},
  journal={PLoS Medicine},
  pages={93 - 101}
The mechanisms of immune protection against human TB, a disease that causes 2 million deaths world-wide each year, are not fully known. T cell immunity is critical for protection [1,2]; therefore, the current TB vaccine, bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG), and most new vaccines under development aim to induce this immunity. Most of these developmental vaccines [1–4] are designed to boost pre-existing immunity induced by BCG; however, some candidates aim to ultimately replace BCG as the priming… CONTINUE READING

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