Immunologic studies of hollow-fiber dialyzer extracts.

  title={Immunologic studies of hollow-fiber dialyzer extracts.},
  author={B. Thomas Butcher and Margaret A. Reed and Carol E. O'neil and Si{\^a}n H. Leech and Frederick C. Pearson},
  journal={Artificial organs},
  volume={8 3},
Testing failed to detect free isocyanates in dialyzer rinses or significant levels of immunoglobulin E antibodies to isocyanate-protein conjugates in the serum of individuals reacting during hemodialysis with dialyzers containing Cuprophan membranes. Extended immunization of rabbits with Limulus lysate-reactive material from dialyzer rinses demonstrated antigenic activity of the rinse that appears to originate from cotton linters used in hollow-fiber membranes. The possibility that an… CONTINUE READING

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