Immunologic reconstitution of foals with combined immunodeficiency.

  title={Immunologic reconstitution of foals with combined immunodeficiency.},
  author={Lance E. Perryman and C M Bue and Nancy S. Magnuson and V D Mottironi and Hans Ochs and Carol R. Wyatt},
  journal={Veterinary immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={17 1-4},
Thirty-eight foals with combined immunodeficiency (CID) received transplanted fetal liver cells, fetal liver and thymus cells, histocompatible bone marrow cells, or equine lymphocyte antigen (ELA) haploidentical bone marrow cells in an attempt to reconstitute their deficient immune systems. Engraftment was infrequent, partial, and unpredictable when fetal cells were employed. Three of five CID foals receiving ELA haploidentical bone marrow cells demonstrated partial reconstitution, but… CONTINUE READING