Immunologic Consequences of Hypoxia during Critical Illness.

  title={Immunologic Consequences of Hypoxia during Critical Illness.},
  author={H D Kiers and G. J. Scheffer and Johannes Gerardus van der Hoeven and Holger K. Eltzschig and Peter Pickkers and Matthijs Kox},
  volume={125 1},
Hypoxia and immunity are highly intertwined at clinical, cellular, and molecular levels. The prevention of tissue hypoxia and modulation of systemic inflammation are cornerstones of daily practice in the intensive care unit. Potentially, immunologic effects of hypoxia may contribute to outcome and represent possible therapeutic targets. Hypoxia and activation of downstream signaling pathways result in enhanced innate immune responses, aimed to augment pathogen clearance. On the other hand… CONTINUE READING