Immunolocalization of glycodelin in the genital tract of rats

  title={Immunolocalization of glycodelin in the genital tract of rats},
  author={Christiane Kunert-Keil and Esther Wiehmeier and Udo Jeschke and J{\"u}rgen Giebel},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Histology},
Glycodelin, also known as placental protein 14 has been predominantly localized to organs of the human genital tract. Unfortunately the physiological role of glycodelin is largely unknown since it depends on limited availability of tissues. Therefore, a suitable animal model to study the role of glycodelin would be desirable. Previously, it was shown that glycodelin mRNA is expressed in the genital tract of male and female rats. In the present study, we demonstrate the expression of glycodelin… CONTINUE READING