Immunolocalization of PTCH protein in odontogenic cysts and tumors.

  title={Immunolocalization of PTCH protein in odontogenic cysts and tumors.},
  author={Diele C. Barreto and A. Bale and Luiz De Marco and Ricardo Santiago Gomez},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={81 11},
The human patched gene (PTCH) functions in both embryologic development and tumor suppression. PTCH mutations have been found in odontogenic keratocysts. However, the expression and localization of the protein product of the gene have not been determined in odontogenic tumors and cysts. We investigated 68 odontogenic lesions by immunohistochemistry, and compared their PTCH expression with that in basal cell carcinomas. All odontogenic lesions, including two keratocysts with truncating mutations… CONTINUE READING
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