Immunohistochemistry of the human ductus epididymis.

  title={Immunohistochemistry of the human ductus epididymis.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Palacios and Javier Regadera and Ricardo Alfaro Paniagua and Carlos Gamallo and Manuel Nistal},
  journal={The Anatomical record},
  volume={235 4},
Our objective was to characterize epithelial cells, lamina propria, and sites of estrogen coupling in the caput, corpus, and cauda regions of the human epididymis using antibodies to cytokeratin types; epithelial membrane antigen; laminin; type IV collagen; vimentin; desmin-, and estradiol-receptor-related protein; and immuno-histochemical techniques. Principal cells immunostain by both AE1/AE3 antibodies (keratins 1-8, 10, 13-15, and 19) and anti-pan-keratin antibodies (keratin 5, 6, and 8… CONTINUE READING