Immunohistochemical study of angiogenic factors in endometrium and endometriosis.

  title={Immunohistochemical study of angiogenic factors in endometrium and endometriosis.},
  author={Akira Fujishita and Atsuko Hasuo and Khaleque N Khan and Hideaki Masuzaki and Hisashi Nakashima and Tadayuki Ishimaru},
  journal={Gynecologic and obstetric investigation},
  volume={48 Suppl 1},
The proliferative activity and angiogenic factors of pelvic endometriosis and uterine endometrium and their correlation with different pigmented lesions are important throughout the menstrual cycle. The proliferative activity and/or expression of angiogenic factors appears to be different between endometrium and endometriosis, and also different in each pigmented lesion. Immunohistochemical studies using computerized image analysis have shown that in normal endometrium, the PCNA index shows… CONTINUE READING
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