Immunohistochemical markers in full-thickness embryonic rabbit retinal transplants.

  title={Immunohistochemical markers in full-thickness embryonic rabbit retinal transplants.},
  author={Fredrik K Ghosh and Anitha Bruun and Berndt E J Ehinger},
  journal={Ophthalmic research},
  volume={31 1},
PURPOSE To examine immunohistochemical markers in straight, well-laminated retinal transplants with special attention paid to the interphotoreceptor matrix, the Müller cells and the ganglion cells as these three retinal components have been abnormal in transplants produced by previous methods. METHODS Nine rabbits underwent subretinal transplantation of a complete full-thickness embryonic neuroretina. After 31 or 49 days, the transplants were stained for light microscopy and processed for… CONTINUE READING