Immunohistochemical localization of a thyroid hormone-binding protein (p55) in human tissues.


We have localized p55, a thyroid hormone-binding protein found in the endoplasmic reticulum in cultured cells, in samples of normal human and monkey tissues, using a monoclonal antibody with cryostat sections and immunoperoxidase histochemistry. Large amounts of p55 were found in many tissues, generally corresponding to the amount of endoplasmic reticulum contained in each cell type. Intense localization of p55 was found in cells of the anterior and intermediate pituitary lobes, in epithelial cells of thyroid follicles, in the glandular epithelium of mammary gland, in hepatocytes, in Paneth cells and Brunner's glands in duodenum, in acinar cells of pancreas, in adrenal cortical cells, and in scattered interstitial fibroblastic cells in many tissues. These results suggest a potential role for thyroid hormone and p55 in regulating protein synthesis or secretion in multiple organs.


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