Immunohistochemical demonstration of androgen receptors in human salivary glands.

  title={Immunohistochemical demonstration of androgen receptors in human salivary glands.},
  author={Maarit Laine and Merja Bl{\"a}uer and Timo J Ylikomi and Pentti Tuohimaa and Kalle M. J. Aitasalo and R P Happonen and Jorma Tenovuo},
  journal={Archives of oral biology},
  volume={38 4},
Androgen receptors were demonstrated in human salivary glands by immunohistochemistry using polyclonal antibodies. Fresh, clinically healthy salivary gland samples (two from minor, seven from parotid and eight from submandibular glands) of both sexes were used. Frozen tissue sections were incubated with the antibody against human androgen receptor and visualized by an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. Androgen receptors could be detected in all salivary tissues studied. Positive staining was… CONTINUE READING