Immunohistochemical Detection of Myogenic Cells in Muscles of Fetal and Neonatal Lambs

  title={Immunohistochemical Detection of Myogenic Cells in Muscles of Fetal and Neonatal Lambs},
  author={S. A. McCoard and W. McNabb and M. Birtles and P. Harris and S. N. Mccutcheon and S. Peterson},
  journal={Cells Tissues Organs},
  pages={21 - 33}
Previous studies have implied that myonuclei accumulation in a muscle is more important than myofibre number in the determination of muscle size in fetal/neonatal lambs. However, due to the lack of a reliable marker, the role of myogenic precursor nuclei (satellite cells) in myofibre hypertrophy in late fetal and postnatal life is not well understood. In this study, MyoD was shown to be a useful marker for actively proliferating satellite cells in both fetal and neonatal lambs. MyoD was used to… Expand
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