Immunoglobulin concentrations in untreated lymphoblastic leukemia.

  title={Immunoglobulin concentrations in untreated lymphoblastic leukemia.},
  author={Jennifer C Welch and John S. Lilleyman},
  journal={Pediatric hematology and oncology},
  volume={12 6},
Early studies indicated that low immunoglobulin (Ig) concentrations at diagnosis predict a worse outlook for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). We re-examined this suggestion in the light of immunophenotypic disease subtyping and more modern therapy. The concentrations of Ig, IgA, and IgM at diagnosis of ALL in 199 children were reviewed. One hundred forty-one (71%) had normal values and 58 (29%) had at least one abnormal value. No obvious pattern of abnormality relating to… CONTINUE READING