Immunogenomic analysis of insect bite hypersensitivity in a model horse population.

  title={Immunogenomic analysis of insect bite hypersensitivity in a model horse population.},
  author={Leona Vychodilova and J{\'a}n Matia{\vs}ovic and O. V. Bobrova and J{\'a}n Futas and Marie Klumplerova and Karla Stejskalova and Michaela Cvanov{\'a} and Eva J{\'a}nov{\'a} and Jarmila Osickova and Mirko Vysko{\vc}il and Mark{\'e}ta Sedlinsk{\'a} and Ladislav Du{\vs}ek and Eliane Marti and Petr Horin},
  journal={Veterinary immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={152 3-4},
Equine insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) is a seasonal IgE-mediated dermatosis caused by bites of insects of the genus Culicoides. A familial predisposition for the disease has been shown but, except for the MHC, the genes involved have not been identified so far. An immunogenomic analysis of IBH was performed in a model population of Old Kladruby horses, all living in the same environment. Clinical signs of IBH were used as phenotypic manifestation of IBH. Furthermore, total serum IgE levels… CONTINUE READING
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