Immunogenic HLA-B7-restricted peptides of hTRT.

  title={Immunogenic HLA-B7-restricted peptides of hTRT.},
  author={Xochitl Cortez-Gonzalez and John Sidney and Olivier Adot{\'e}vi and Alessandro Sette and Frederick Millard and François A. Lemonnier and Pierre Langlade-Demoyen and Maurizio Zanetti},
  journal={International immunology},
  volume={18 12},
Telomerase reverse transcriptase (TRT) is the first bona fide common tumor antigen. While several 9mer peptides of the human TRT have been identified for HLA-A2, little information exists on peptides for the remaining HLA types. Here, we used a multi-step approach to select and characterize a panel of HLA-B7 9mer peptides as candidate immunogens. In sequence, we used algorithm-based predictions, in vivo immunization of HLA-B7 transgenic (Tg) mice, in vitro immunization of human blood… CONTINUE READING
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