Immunofluoreszenzmikroskopische Darstellung glukagonbildender Zellen an Plastikdünnschnitten von Inselgewebe (Ratte, Frosch)

  title={Immunofluoreszenzmikroskopische Darstellung glukagonbildender Zellen an Plastikd{\"u}nnschnitten von Inselgewebe (Ratte, Frosch)},
  author={Rainer R Lange},
Glucagon containing islet cells were demonstrated by the indirect immunofluorescence technique, performed on semithin and ultrathin sections of epoxy-resin embedded tissue (rat, frog). The reaction was intensified by dissolving the embedding medium with sodium methanolate; the reaction could be visualized on ultrathin sections of rat islet tissue by fluorescence microscopy, but was also evident in the electron microscope by electron-opaque deposits on and around a type of islet-cell granules… CONTINUE READING


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