Immunoendocrine response to cycling following ingestion of caffeine and carbohydrate.

  title={Immunoendocrine response to cycling following ingestion of caffeine and carbohydrate.},
  author={Gary J. Walker and Oliver Finlay and Hannah Elizabeth Griffiths and James C Sylvester and Mark Williams and Nicolette C Bishop},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={39 9},
PURPOSE This study investigated the effect of caffeine consumed with and without carbohydrate (CHO) on immunoendocrine responses after exercise. METHODS On four occasions, 12 recreational male cyclists cycled for 2 h at 65% V O2max. Sixty minutes before exercise, participants ingested 6 body mass of caffeine (CAF) or placebo (PLA), then during exercise they consumed a 6% CHO or placebo (PLA) drink, providing CAF/CHO, PLA/CHO, CAF/PLA, and PLA/PLA conditions. RESULTS f-MLP… CONTINUE READING


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