Immunodomination results from functional differences between competing CTL.

  title={Immunodomination results from functional differences between competing CTL.},
  author={Guillaume Roy-Proulx and M C Meunier and A M Lanteigne and Serge Brochu and Claude Perreault},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={31 8},
The presence of dominant epitopes suppresses generation of CTL activity toward other non-dominant epitopes found on the same antigen-presenting cell (APC). This phenomenon, termed immunodomination, drastically restricts the diversity of the repertoire of CTL responses. Under various experimental conditions we assessed the in vivo expansion by tetramer staining and function by expression of O-glycans and intracellular perforin of CTL specific for a dominant (B6(dom1)) and a non-dominant (HY) H2D… CONTINUE READING

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