Immunodiffusion test for serodiagnosing subcutaneous zygomycosis.

  title={Immunodiffusion test for serodiagnosing subcutaneous zygomycosis.},
  author={L{\'e}o Kaufman and Leonel Mendoza and Paul Standard},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={28 9},
Culture filtrate antigens of Basidiobolus ranarum and Conidiobolus coronatus were analyzed by immunodiffusion (ID) with homologous rabbit antisera. B. ranarum and C. coronatus were each found to have five specific antigens. Results of tests with heterologous antisera indicated that all of the species shared at least one antigen. ID tests incorporating the specific precipitin bands as references were developed for detection of basidiobolomycosis and conidiobolomycosis. These tests were performed… CONTINUE READING


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