Immunodiagnosis of taeniasis by coproantigen detection.

  title={Immunodiagnosis of taeniasis by coproantigen detection.},
  author={J. C. C. Allan and Guillermina {\'A}vila and J Garcia Noval and Ana Flisser and Philip Simon Craig},
  volume={101 Pt 3},
Immunodiagnostic tests for Taenia-specific faecal antigen based on polyclonal rabbit antisera against Taenia saginata or Taenia solium proglottid extracts in capture-type ELISA assays have been developed. Taenia-specific antigen was detected in detergent-solubilized faecal extracts from T. solium- and T. saginata-infected hosts. Coproantigen from T. solium-infected hamsters did not cross-react with faeces from rodents infected with Hymenolepis diminuta, H. citelli, H. microstoma, Necator… CONTINUE READING