Immunodiagnosis of parasitic diseases with synthetic peptides.

  title={Immunodiagnosis of parasitic diseases with synthetic peptides.},
  author={Oscar O Noya and Manuel Elkin Patarroyo and F. J. Laso Guzm{\'a}n and Belkisyol{\'e} Alarc{\'o}n de Noya},
  journal={Current protein & peptide science},
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Parasitic diseases remain as a major public health problem worldwide, not only based on their historically high morbidity and mortality rates, but also because risk factors associated with their transmission are increasing. Laboratory diagnosis and particularly immunodiagnosis is a basic tool for the demonstration, clinical management and control of these infections. Classically, the serological tests for the detection of antibodies or antigens are based on the use of crude and purified… CONTINUE READING