Immunodiagnosis of human hydatid disease.


A study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay using locally prepared antigens for immunodiagnosis of human hydatid disease. A total of 90 cases clinically suspected to be suffering from hydatid disease and 100 controls matched for age and sex were included in the study. Two types of ELISA were performed on detected specific antihydatid antibodies belonging to IgG/IgM/IgA classes and other type detected IgE class of antibodies. Antigen prepared from the human hydatid fluid was found to be unsuitable for diagnosis as it contained host proteins i.e. IgG. Sheep hydatid fluid obtained from the fertile hydatid cyst was used to prepare and standardize the antigen. ELISA test to detect anti hydatid antibodies belonging to either IgG, IgM and or IgA was found to be highly specific (98 per cent) in surgically confirmed hydatid disease and was negative in all the controls. The results of the study indicate that ELISA along with casoni test may provide the best results in diagnosis of hydatid disease.

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