Immunodiagnosis and immunotherapy in autistic children

  title={Immunodiagnosis and immunotherapy in autistic children},
  author={Hugh H. Fudenberg and Vijendra Kumar Singh and Dan Emerson and Mary F. Coleman},
  journal={Journal of Neuroimmunology},
Recent evidence shows that the astrocyte functions as an immunocompetent cell and can mediate intra-cerebral immune responses. One of the immunological functions of astrocytes is their ab i l i ty to express class I I major histocompatability antigens (MHC). A potent inducer of class I I MHC on astrocytes is gamma-interferon (G-IFN). Recent studies indicated that soluble 13nnphokines such as G-IFN can access the CNS. Interestingly though, brain cells do not normally express MHC. We have sought… CONTINUE READING

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