Immunocytochemical localization of band 3 protein in the rat collecting duct.

  title={Immunocytochemical localization of band 3 protein in the rat collecting duct.},
  author={Jill W Verlander and Kirsten M. Madsen and Philip S Low and David G. Allen and Cornelia C Tisher},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={255 1 Pt 2},
Band 3 protein is the major anion transport protein of the erythrocyte cell membrane where it catalyzes the exchange of HCO3- for Cl-. There is evidence that band 3 protein is present in the collecting duct of both the rat and rabbit kidney. We used colloidal-gold immunocytochemistry to determine the ultrastructural location of band 3 protein in the rat cortical (CCD) and outer medullary collecting ducts (OMCD). Kidneys of normal Sprague-Dawley rats were fixed by intravascular perfusion with 1… CONTINUE READING
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