Immunocytochemical identification of a bovine peritoneal mesothelioma.


Peritoneal mesotheliomas are uncommon among cows although there has been an increase in the frequency of diagnosis of this neoplasia in the past few years. The case of a 2 year old cow is described. On post-mortem examination, several nodules of variable size were found in the peritoneal cavity. These nodules fused together, but they did not go deep into the organs. Histologically, such nodules were formed by a population of fusiform cells of malignant morphological character and sarcomatous appearance. Immunocytochemical study, using P.A.P. techniques, showed a highly positive reaction towards vimentin and a negative reaction towards wide-spectrum cytokeratins, hence suggesting a mesenchymal origin of the neoplasia. According to the histopathological study, a multifocal peritoneal mesothelioma of sarcomatous appearance was identified.

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