Immunocompetence status as related to growth progression of mouse MOPC-315 plasmacytoma.


The immunocompetence status of mice bearing MOPC-315 plasmacytoma was determined at various days after tumor inoculation. Changes in T and B-cell functions appeared gradually. The allogeneic response of spleen cells from BALB/c tumor-bearing mice against C57BL spleen cells was impaired from the 4th day after the tumor inoculation (nonpalpable tumor stage). The primary antibody response in vitro against SRBC was depressed at 18 days, and the mitogenic response of splenic cells to PHA and to LPS was depressed at 25 days after the tumor inoculation. T cells taken from day 18 tumor-bearing mice partially suppressed the MLR response of normal splenocytes. Mice bearing large MOPC-315 tumors responded less to SRBC immunization than normal, noninoculated mice. The relative percentage of Lyt 1, Lyt 2 and L3T4 T-cell subsets decreased starting from the 11th day after tumor inoculation.

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