Immunochemical study of human immunoglobulin G Fc region.


Fifteen murine monoclonal antibodies (mAb) were produced that reacted with conformational epitopes present on the Fc portion of all human IgG subclasses (PAN-Fc). Inhibition and sandwich ELISA were used to elucidate overlapping and distinct epitopes. The epitopes were aligned to form a continuous "chain" of overlapping determinants from the CH2-CH3… (More)


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@article{Girkontaite1996ImmunochemicalSO, title={Immunochemical study of human immunoglobulin G Fc region.}, author={Irute Girkontaite and M Leckiene and Mykolas Mauricas}, journal={Cancer biotherapy & radiopharmaceuticals}, year={1996}, volume={11 1}, pages={87-96} }